I have admired all your paintings. I was particularly impressed with Mami Ngum which seems to have been painted with such love and respect. I was curious: is this your grandmother? If I had your artistic gift, I would paint my maternal grandmother this way.
I enjoyed looking at your paintings and congratulations on becoming an Art Therapist.
You are a fine artist with both brains and a gentle heart, using your talent to give hope and support to many on their recovery journeys and we wish you the best with blessings from God the giver of talents.

We invite you to celebrate World Mental Health Day on 10th of October anytime after mid-day at Bedford Hospital A&E, where we shall hand out potatoes and any other fresh vegetables from our NHS Allotment Green Care Space. This project is a nurse-led outdoor clinic managed in sustainable partnership with a consecrated lay group "Akafro Missionary Children of Mary Immaculate (Cadets of Mary, Christ the King parish, Harrowden Rd, MK42 0SP), Diocese of Northampton.
Hello Raphael,

I love your paintings! They are suggestive, full of emotions! Thank you for sharing this talent and carry on in this way! Good Luck!
Alessia (Shand)
Most excellent paintings, especially like the 'journey and mami' ones. I forgive you for being a banker.
Great paintings Raphael! Keep up the good work. Luke
Just been here again...love the art and really really love it. You are an amazing artist, more wits where these come from and see you in the nearest future
Fantastic art. I like it.
Pa wetti I fit tok. I see a little zezet, for your facebook page, and I see say you hide all the good painting them for yourself. I dey still wait my paintings. With much love to you , Madame and baby, Moni
Valerie, that is very Ok. Email me and we can go from there.

A big ''Thank you'' to everyone who has left a comment for me. Your words fuel my inspiration.
Saw your work when I visited the Crowborough arts festival recently. I loved it and as I am doing a Foundation degree in Fine Art at West Kent College, I wondered if I could put you in my research folder and find out even more about you.
Saw your work at Crowborough, it's wonderful. May you go from strength to strength.
Abo... of Abo-ye-fi, Always proud of you bro. Great works of Art.
u will never stop amazing me.hey u r a good role model and never hesitate to promote jerry cleo.i dey for ya back
Hey Ralph,when i go through,these paintings,i have a sought of feeling i can't describe,it's a good one though,i am proud to say i was there when some of these great works were being conceived,God will bless the" Black Hand" for it holds a burning torch for generations to come,"Alluta Continua"
Hi dear peer, This is really untold painting. Ur imagination and creativity have marveled me. U r indeed a Picasso, Courage, u r an inspiration to the young African generation. whata blend of colors
Man !!! You make us pround... infact. I love this work... and I wish you all the best in whatever you do... . write later
this is a show case of great talents. The sky is your limit. Please keep the lame alight.I will advertise this to me folks.
when artistic expression is founded on imaginative insight; the results are nothing more or less what i see here. courage..........
You have proven that one's talent(s) can bring him to greatness. I am proud of you and will do well to show case your works to my folks here. Kudos Ralph
My boy no be small thing. It has been a long journey, and the future is brighter. Just keep up the momentum
We've come a long way and like a dream come true, we are living the life we were born to live...living the art we we born to create. Design your life Abo. Do not relent my brother.
One of the most talented and gifted producers I have ever had the pleasure to work with... Miss You Mr. Che!
Greeting from Brooklyn, NY!!!
u need to be next to these guys and by the end of the day realise something inspirational.i shared their vision for sometime and i have my first musical release which sounds well in most ears nowadays
Amazing how you summarise this life we live through your gorgeous paintings. I am awed by your work. Truely Amazing!
It all started like a dream from an isolated land, no matter the obstacles it could not be overshadowed nor surpressed. You are indeed very talented, it is encrypted in your genes. Yes, you are living the art you were born to create. We can build our world and live in it!
and I am proud to have been a part of it.
Lovely work. Seen some at the exhibition at the bucks new university. Keep up the good work. Regards.
I think you are a very talented artist. I love all your pictures.