Ralph was part of a group of over 30 artists selected internationally to take part at the IV International Science, Culture and Art Days in Turkey in the summer of 2014.


It was an exciting platform for creative exchanges and networking which was concluded with a group exhibition at the university of Konya.



''Living the art we were born to create''

Ralph J. Che refers to his art practice as ABO-YE-FI art. ABO-YE-FI Art has organized and partly sponsored a series of painting workshops and exhibitions with emerging and established painters in different parts of Cameroon.


Ralph moved to the UK in 2009 and completed the 'Live Painting' course at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College of London in early 2010. He has taken part in several group exhibitions in and out of the UK since 2010 till present.



ABO-YE-FI is also involved in filmmaking and has assisted on film projects with Nigerians and Americans.

Ralph was actor and casting coordinator in the movie ''Man On The Bottom'' (a Cameroon/American production) shot on location in Cameroon in 2006. ''Man On The Bottom'' got to the Hollywood Black Film Festival in June 2007 with two nominations.